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Thrive By Five Pinellas is committed to sharing information with families and caregivers that will support the holistic early development of children from birth to five.

How to Get Connected to Services in Pinellas

Dr. Bilan Joseph, the Director of Thrive by Five Pinellas, walks you through how to use their online screener TB5 Connects.

Raising Antiracist Babies Episode 1: I Love My Hair

Thrive By Five Pinellas presents its Raising Antiracist Babies series. A community initiative designed to help parents talk to their little ones and to other adults about race and racism. Episode 1, read by Taylor Singleton, is a wonderful read aloud of I Love My Hair by Natasha Tarpley. This story reinforces the beauty in differences and encourages young girls to see the beauty in themselves.

Raising Antiracist Babies Episode 2: Hey Black Child

In episode 2 of Raising Antiracist Babies, local small business owner and griot, Gwendolyn Reese, reads a powerful rendition of Hey Black Child! This story encourages black children and all children to dream big and to shoot for the stars.

Raising Antiracist Babies Episode 3: I Am Enough

Food Blogger, Jenn Thai, reads the inspirational children's book I Am Enough. This children's book is about an African American little girl who compares the beauty in herself to the beauty of the world around her. This story motivates all children to celebrate the beauty in themselves and to celebrate the beauty in the children who may have different skin colors and abilities.

Raising Antiracist Babies Healing Dialogue: How to Begin Talking to Your Children about Race

In our first healing dialogue moderated by Dr. LaDonna Butler, Meghan Dorman and Taylor Singleton sit down for a courageous conversation about how to begin talking to children about race and racism. They also discuss how they are learning how to extend that conversation into small steps that can lead to big change.

Raising Antiracist Babies Episode 4: Let's Talk About Race

In this episode of Raising Antiracist Babies, Officer Bonnie of the St. Petersburg Police Department reads a beautiful rendition of Let's Talk About Race, a story that helps parents begin having age appropriate conversations with their little ones about race.

Raising Antiracist Babies Episode 5: Counting on Community

In this episode of Raising Antiracist Babies, Monica Brimm, Director of We Help Services with the St. Petersburg Free Clinic, reads a beautiful story about the rich diversity that can be found in the community. This story also supports your little one's early numeracy development. Our partners at St. Petersburg Free Clinic are giving out free copies of this awesome children's story.

Raising Antiracist Babies Episode 6: Crown

In the latest episode of Raising Antiracist Babies, student and activist Henry Burrows takes us on a whimsical trip inside the barbershop. The latest, freshest hair styles stand on display like exhibits in a museum, and you can't wait to see what style they create next. Parents and Caregivers, encourage your children to point out their favorite hairstyle in the story, and help them create their own.

Raising Antiracist Babies Episode 7: I Am Every Good Thing

In our latest episode of Raising Antiracist Babies, former County Commissioner, Ken Welch shares with us every good thing that makes the confident Black narrator of this story who is. This beautiful story demonstrates the importance of cultural pride, and it encourages children to celebrate the greatness within themselves.

Helping Your Baby
Deal With Stress

Lisa Negrini from USFs Family Study Center gives you tools to support you and your child's social emotional development during these stressful times.

I Need Help Finding a Job

April Torrigiante from Career Source Pinellas shares how her organization can help you find and apply for employment opportunities within Pinellas County. Visit www.CareerSourcePinellas.com for more information or contact them at 727-524-4344. To schedule an appointment to use the computer at Gulf to Bay, call 727-608-2408 and for South County call 727-608-2512.

I Need Help Feeding My Family

Courtney Covington from PEMHS shares several resources within Pinellas County to help families find food during these difficult times we are living in.

I Need Help With An Eviction

Tammy Greer from Gulf Coast Legal Services shares how her firm provides free eviction mitigation help for families in danger of being evicted in Pinellas County. Tammy also talks about the CDCs temporary halt in evictions. The halt expires December 31st. Contact Tammy right away for assistance today: 727-821-0726

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Community Partners

Thrive By Five engages hundreds of stakeholders countywide, including local influencers, social and human services providers, education/nonprofit leaders, government officials, and business and civic organizations. Together, we can better pinpoint opportunities for our resource-rich community to work more collaboratively and effectively to meet the needs of Pinellas County's children.