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The Mission

early childhood education program

We can do this — together.

Thrive By Five Pinellas is working to build an early childhood system that’s equitable, accountable, responsive — because Pinellas County's youngest residents deserve equal access to every opportunity for success.


Pinellas County is resource-rich, but too many of our kids continue to struggle. As an action-oriented organization, Thrive By Five is focused on measurable results, accountable leadership, and an ongoing game plan to help kids sooner rather than later. By bringing the right people to the table, and centering those who are often not given a seat, we can do this.


A recent state report showed that only 57% of Pinellas children were "ready" for kindergarten. We don't think that's acceptable, and you shouldn't either.

Setting children up for a strong start.

A strong early childhood system ensures the youngest of Pinellas are ready to thrive in school — cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally — by the time they reach kindergarten.

There is a significant and overwhelming volume of research and evidence showing over and over again that young children benefit from being in high quality early childhood settings.


Over 80% of our lifetime’s brain development occurs from birth to the start of kindergarten, demonstrating the critical nature of this time period in a person’s life for building the foundation for skilled thinking, behaving, and emotional well-being. It is in these vital foundational years that our youngest neighbors develop linguistic, cognitive, social, emotional, and regulatory skills that are linked to vital skills and functions later in life.


Unfortunately, too many young children from low-income and traditionally underserved communities do not have access to the settings and resources that will help them develop these skills to the maximum of their ability.


That is where Thrive By Five comes in.

Engaging the Community.

Thrive By Five fosters highly functioning countywide collaboration. We engage a wide-reaching network that proactively connects families and caregivers with the County’s many available resources.


To help serve our children and their parents and caregivers, our steering committee works together to guide Thrive By Five's strategy and efforts. We lean on a diverse set of influences and subject matter experts who collaborate and help align resources across the County.

Partnering with lawmakers.

By functioning as a voice for the needs of Pinellas County's children, we can help lawmakers put policies into place that set kids up for success and ensure equitable access to resources. Thrive By Five communicates directly with lawmakers in the State of Florida, and educates voters on how to advocate for early childhood systems.