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Support Thrive By Five On Your Terms

Not everyone has the time or ability to volunteer. Fortunately, there are many ways to support Thrive By Five's mission to build an early childhood system that’s equitable, accountable, responsive.


Do you have a few dollars to support a childcare center that serves babies from low-income neighborhoods? Can you lend your voice and amplify the cause of low-wage childcare teachers? Do you want to be a leader in the Family Friendly Workplace movement? There are countless ways you can help the efforts of Thrive By Five, from joining a project team to calling your favorite elected official.


Your business can “Adopt” an Early Education Center, providing resources and materials directly to a specific facility. There are various ways to get involved in this program and contribute - contact Director Dr. Bilan Joseph or Business Engagement Project Team Leader Tom Kennedy for more information.


Donations support the work of Thrive By Five, from support and assistance for young children and their families, to resources and boosters for early childhood service providers, facilitating family-friendly workplaces, and advocating for the County’s youngest in various other capacities, all alongside extensive work to help streamline collaboration among a vast network of partners and stakeholders.

We accept support from individuals, organizations, businesses, and as legacy giving. To discuss opportunities to support Thrive By Five through charitable giving, contact Dr. Bilan Joseph.

Contact Your Elected Officials

We know that getting on the phone with an elected official can be intimidating and time-consuming. We also know that only by making our voices heard can we impact legislation that supports our children. That's why we've put together starter scripts and tips for emails and phone calls that let your electeds know that you need early childhood care to be a priority — and why.


Check back here and follow social media for specific updates on specific issues.


Get Personal

Personalized or individual messages to elected officials have more influence on decision-making than identical form messages. In a recent survey, only 3% of Congressional staffers said form letters would have “a lot” of influence on their Member of Congress if they hadn’t already reached a decision. By contrast, 44% said individual postal letters would have “a lot” of influence!


That's where your individual influence comes in.