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Family Friendly Workplaces

TB5 Family Friendly Award Invite - Virtual Event 2021

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The Family Friendly Business Awards™ was created as a way to honor companies who are taking the lead in creating a comprehensive childcare system by implementing these family-friendly policies in their workplace.

The policies that a business chooses to implement has a direct impact on the caregivers’ ability to adequately care for their child which impacts the child’s on-time development.

Businesses may earn a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum award designation for workplace practices that support families in the Pinellas community.

We are proud to recognize family-minded employers who understand the value of a well-educated, happy, and healthy workforce in building a strong economy.

Family Friendly Workplace Certification

A countywide pilot program to recognize family-minded employers.

Pinellas business leaders understand the importance of a well-educated, happy, healthy workforce to support a strong local economy and to keep Pinellas competitive and vibrant. Laying groundwork for tomorrow’s workforce and promoting a strong workforce today, family friendly workplaces build human capital across generations, to help ensure a prosperous and sustainable Pinellas.

What is a family friendly workplace?

Family Friendly Workplaces create value for employees, employers, and the local economy - increasing completion of postsecondary education, raising labor force participation, increasing workforce productivity, and helping businesses attract and retain talent; while ensuring that children have the chance to develop well and begin kindergarten ready to thrive in school, work, and life.

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What is a family friendly Pinellas?

Family Friendly Pinellas is here and committed to increasing the number of Pinellas County businesses that provide family friendly policies to their employees.


Through the inclusive lens of Family Friendly Workplace policies, employers not only support the workforce of today, but lay the groundwork for the workforce of tomorrow.

What does a Family Friendly Workplace Designation mean?

For Pinellas businesses and organizations, building Family Friendly Workplaces is a winning proposition and a wise investment in the future of the community —  strengthening business today, building the workforce we’ll depend on tomorrow, and supporting families everyday.


Employers certified as a Family Friendly Workplace will receive benefits and publicity, access to opportunities, and a package of materials to promote their certification:


  • Window stickers and digital logos for your website and collaterals.
  • Designated workplaces will be included in Thrive By Five publicity materials.
  • A directory will be forthcoming, to add value to your online reach and SEO.
  • Preliminary plans for an award banquet and networking are underway.
  • Thrive By Five will work directly with designated employers to identify and create further resources and opportunities as the program completes this pilot phase.


Designation status is evaluated per survey scoring, alongside qualitative assets, as determined by a selection committee comprised of business leaders, parents, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, and employees. If interested in serving a role on this certification panel, contact Director Dr. Bilan Joseph.

Become a family friendly workplace.

Want to learn how you can make your workplace more family friendly? We'll send you information on the Family Friendly Workplace Designation as the program develops.

Help the FFWD grow.

Family Friendly Workplace Designation is a new countywide endeavor involving many partners and is currently a pilot program. If you have input on the beta application, please direct feedback to Director Dr. Bilan Joseph.