Building Family-Friendly


What is a Family-Friendly Workplace?

Family-Friendly Workplaces have policies that provide highly valued flexibility and support to employees striving to meet and balance the demands of family and community life, in addition to their job. Such policies can include paid leave, health support, work schedules, and economic support.

Family-Friendly Workplaces create value for employees, employers, and the local economy – increasing completion of postsecondary education, raising labor force participation, increasing workforce productivity, and helping businesses attract and retain talent; while ensuring that children have the chance to develop and begin kindergarten ready to thrive in school, work, and life.

Why is this Important for my Business?

A family of four with an infant and a preschooler needs to make $88,000 annually to live comfortably. Approximately two out of every five families in our region don’t earn enough to address their basic household budget need and a third of the labor force needs childcare. A Family-Friendly Workplace is fundamental to support and retain employees and workforce productivity and Tampa Bay business leaders understand the importance of a well-educated, happy, healthy workforce to support a strong local economy and to keep our community competitive and vibrant. In fact, multiple rigorous studies have shown that for every dollar invested in early childhood programs, there is a return of $4 to $9 for low-income children. Economics have also shown that high-quality early childhood programs bring impressive returns on investment to the public and, most importantly, provide young children with a healthy environment in which to learn and grow.

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What is a Family-Friendly Tampa Bay?

Family-Friendly Tampa Bay is here and committed to increasing the number of businesses that provide Family-Friendly policies to their employees. Through the inclusive lens of Family-Friendly Workplace policies, employers not only support the workforce of today, but lay the groundwork for the workforce of tomorrow by caring about their workers and their families.

What does a Family-Friendly Workplace Designation mean?

For Tampa Bay businesses and organizations, building Family Friendly Workplaces is a winning proposition and a wise investment in the future of the community.

Employers certified as a Family-Friendly Workplace will receive benefits and publicity, access to opportunities, and a package of materials to promote their certification, including:

  • Designated workplaces will be included in Thrive by Five publicity materials
  • Expanding your network and connecting with other Family-Friendly Businesses
  • Window stickers, digital logos, and other marketing materials
  • Being highlighted in our annual Family-Friendly Workplace Awards

What is the Family-Friendly Tampa Bay Business Awards?

The Family-Friendly Business Awards™ was created to honor companies who are taking the lead in supporting their workforce and community by implementing Family-Friendly policies in their workplace. Policies that a business chooses to implement have a direct impact on the caregivers’ ability to adequately care for their child, which impacts the child’s on-time development and workforce productivity and the overall economic growth of a community.

Businesses may earn a platinum, gold silver, or bronze award designation for workplace practices that support families in the Tampa Bay community. We are proud to recognize family-minded employers who understand the value of a well-educated, happy, and healthy workforce in building a strong economy.

Designation status is evaluated by a selection committee comprised of business leaders, caregivers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, and employees. For any questions regarding this initiative, please contact Dr. Diana Santangelo.


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