The City of St. Petersburg honors the founder of African American History and Black History month by raising the Dr. Carter G. Woodson flag to kick off the month-long celebration.

“The Carter G. Woodson, African American flag flying over City Hall is unique in the sense that we’re the only city in the country that raises a flag over a municipal agency in representation of Black History Month,” explained Terri Lipsey-Scott, executive director for the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American History Museum in St. Petersburg.

In 1915, historian Carter G. Woodson formed the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. He wanted to gather information for public dissemination about the achievements of Black people across the nation. The association he formed went on to declare the second week of February as “Negro History Week.” In 1976, President Ford extended the week to the full month of February.

Since then, Black History Month has expanded to include the growing accomplishments of Black Americans everywhere, and in 1997, the Dr. Carter G Woodson Museum was erected in St. Petersburg. The museum serves two main purposes:

  1. To preserve, present, and interpret African American history and to engage a broad and diverse audience through these activities.
  2. To promote an understanding among various groups that comprise the St. Petersburg community to enhance our ability as a society to respect, value diversity, and foster equal rights and social justice.

Talking to the children of all races about Black History Month is important. Not only does it remind us of the accomplishments of many who were not included in history books, but it helps to rewrite false narratives.

Some Black History Month resources to engage your kids:

Fact Monster – check out their website for fun facts, timelines, and biographies.

PBS Kids for Parents – suggestions for teaching your kids about Black History Month

Family Education – books, entertainment, and activities to learn about Black History Month

Reading Rockets – more books, interviews, and links to lots more!

African American Heritage Trail – visit the African American Heritage Trails in St. Petersburg. The trails are walking tours of 19 markers that provide details about the history and influence of the African American community in St. Petersburg. Both trails begin at the Carter G. Woodson Museum.

The Dr. Carter G. Woodson museum is located at 2240 9th Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712 and is open from 12-5pm on Tuesday through Friday. Check out their website or follow their Facebook for special events and more information.