Thrive by Five Tampa Bay is a cross-sector network dedicated to promoting the equitable development and lifelong success of children aged 0-5. We bring together caregivers, agencies, businesses, and civic officials to amplify and accelerate access to services and resources for families. Our focus is on the “whole child” ideology, encompassing their intellectual, physical, social, and emotional well-being.

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We aim to raise awareness and meet children and families where they are, allocating resources and opportunities as needed to create equal outcomes for all community members.

Through collective impact and initiatives like Family Friendly Tampa Bay and Thrive by Five Connects, our resource and referral tool, we connect families to partner organization resources and work to fill gaps in access to services in Tampa Bay.

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Thrive by Five Tampa Bay is powered by people who care about giving children access to opportunities. It’s easy to get involved at any level. No experience is required. Your perspective and your voice are powerful all on their own.

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Thrive by Five fosters highly functioning countywide collaboration. We engage a wide-reaching network that proactively connects families and caregivers with the Tampa Bay’s many available resources.

To help serve our children and their parents and caregivers, our Vision and Leadership Councils work together to guide Thrive by Five’s strategy and efforts. We lean on a diverse set of stakeholders, partners, and subject matter experts who collaborate and help align resources across Tampa Bay.

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Your support can make a significant difference in nurturing the potential of children aged 0-5 in our community. Fill out the form below to help us promote equitable development and access to vital resources. Let’s create a brighter future, one child at a time.

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Setting children up for a strong start

A strong early childhood system ensures the youngest of Tampa Bay are ready to thrive in school — cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally — by the time they reach kindergarten.

There is a significant and overwhelming volume of research and evidence showing over and over again that young children benefit from being in high-quality early childhood settings.

Over 90% of our lifetime’s brain development occurs from birth to the start of kindergarten, demonstrating the critical nature of this time period in a person’s life for building the foundation for skilled thinking, behaviors, and emotional well-being. It is in these vital foundational years that our youngest neighbors develop linguistic, cognitive, social, emotional, and regulatory skills that are linked to vital skills and functions later in life.

Unfortunately, too many young children from low-income and traditionally underserved communities do not have access to the settings and resources that will help them develop these skills to the maximum of their ability.

That’s where Thrive by Five Tampa Bay comes in.

Community strength is our superpower! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️ Join us in building a brighter future for our children by nurturing their minds and souls.

Discover the power of community involvement in early childhood development. Together, we can make a world of difference. Every child deserves a champion. Be that champion by getting involved in your local community.

Share your experiences and ideas in the comments below on how to support our youngest generation. 🌟👶

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⏰ For working parents, quality childcare is crucial. Discover how we`re making it more accessible, allowing you to focus on your career with peace of mind. Quality childcare fosters early learning and development, nurturing children`s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. These environments provide opportunities for socialization, enabling children to develop essential social skills and form secure attachments.

Quality childcare offers structured routines, preparing children for future responsibilities and offering stability. It also plays a vital role in school readiness, ensuring that children are well-prepared for formal education. Additionally, it supports working parents by offering a safe and enriching environment for their children, contributing to economic stability.

Quality childcare promotes diversity and inclusion, supports health and nutrition, and serves as a community-building hub. It plays an essential role in setting children on a path to success, supporting families, and nurturing the well-being of communities.

Join our movement for working parents at #ThriveByFiveTampaBay #WorkingParents

Parenthood is a journey; you don`t have to navigate it alone. 💛 Thrive by Five is here to empower parents like you. Thrive by Five Connects is an online resource that lets families identify and connect with relevant programs that support their child’s early learning, special needs identification and intervention, physical/mental health, and nutrition.

Evaluated through a simple screening process, this customized list of high-potential programs can help families garner abundant resources and support for their child’s timely and healthy development. Our TB5 Connects is a tool that connects you to a community of support, guidance, and valuable resources on your parenting journey.

Visit our website at 🌟 #ThriveByFive #ParentingJourney

Prioritizing our children`s safety, both indoors and outdoors, is crucial. In the home, secure furniture against tipping, use outlet covers and cabinet locks, set up safety gates, manage cords, and opt for child-friendly furniture. Outdoors, closely supervise play, ensure sun protection, maintain safe play areas, emphasize helmet use, teach about strangers and road safety, and be vigilant around water. By taking these proactive measures, we provide a secure environment for our children to explore and flourish. Let`s integrate safety into their incredible journey! 🛡️🌼👪

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Welcoming a new child involves thoughtful planning. To navigate this journey smoothly, consider budgeting by accounting for baby-related expenses, prioritizing essentials, planning meals, and embracing homemade baby gear. To secure a bright future, begin early by opening a savings account or 529 plan, automate savings, encourage education fund contributions as gifts, and research financial aid opportunities.

Parenthood brings new financial responsibilities, but you can navigate these waters smoothly with careful planning and smart strategies. From budgeting for your baby`s needs to securing their educational journey, your financial plans lay the foundation for a promising future.🌟🏦👪

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Parenthood is a joyous journey, but it`s also a whirlwind of tasks and responsibilities. Fear not, fellow parents! We`ve gathered some ingenious hacks to help you reclaim precious moments and streamline your days:

Meal Prep Magic: Plan and prep meals in batches to reduce cooking time during busy weekdays.

Family Calendar: Maintain a shared digital calendar to keep everyone on track with appointments, activities, and events.

Morning Prep Power: Lay out outfits and pack bags the night before to breeze through hectic mornings.

Toy Rotation: Keep playtime fresh by rotating toys – it reduces clutter and keeps the excitement alive.

Life may be a whirlwind, but with these ideas, you`ve got a toolkit of time-saving tricks at your disposal. Let`s conquer each day with efficiency, laughter, and a little extra time for the things that truly matter! 🚀⏳❤️

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🌟📢 Save the Date! 🗓️ Join us on September 27th for an exciting network gathering where we`ll unveil the latest news and updates and connect with our incredible early learning community partners. It`s a day you won`t want to miss! 🤝

This event is open to all Thrive by Five partners and their special guests. Let`s celebrate progress, share insights, and strengthen our commitment to early childhood education.

RSVP now to secure your spot: 🎉
We can`t wait to see you there!
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Crafting isn`t just about making beautiful things – it`s a delightful way to promote creativity, fine motor skills, and bonding with your little ones. Here are some simple and educational craft ideas for parents to enjoy with their kids:

Nature Collage: Collect leaves, flowers, and twigs during a nature walk. Create a collage by sticking them onto cardboard, fostering an appreciation for the outdoors.

Counting Bead Bracelets: Thread colorful beads onto a string while counting aloud. This craft doubles as a fun math activity.

Story Stones: Paint stones with characters or objects. Use them to tell stories, enhancing imagination and language skills.

Paper Plate Puzzles: Draw a picture on a paper plate and cut it into pieces for a homemade puzzle. Puzzles develop problem-solving and spatial awareness.

Crafting with your child not only ignites their creativity but also provides opportunities for learning and quality time together. These moments of shared imagination are treasures that shape their growth and love for exploration! 🌈✨🎈
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🗣️🌟 Building Bridges with Words: Nurturing Language Skills in Little Hearts! From those adorable first words to eloquent conversations, a strong foundation in language skills sets the stage for communication and learning. Here are some delightful tips for parents to foster language development in their little ones from an early age:

Talk, Talk, Talk: Engage in meaningful conversations with your child throughout the day. Describe your activities, surroundings, and emotions, encouraging them to respond.

Read Together: Make reading a daily ritual. Books expose children to new vocabulary and sentence structures while bonding with you.

Sing and Rhyme: Nursery rhymes and songs are fun and help with rhythm, pronunciation, and memory.

Expand on Their Words: When your child says a word, expand on it. For example, if they say "ball," you can respond with "Yes, that`s a red ball."

Remember, the journey of language development is a beautiful one. Every word spoken, story shared, and conversation enjoyed lays the groundwork for a lifetime of effective communication and learning. Let`s weave a tapestry of words, nurturing strong language skills in our precious ones! 🌈🗣️❤️
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🌟🏆 Celebrate Family-Centered Excellence at Work! 🌠✨

Does your business go above and beyond to support parents and their little ones? Whether through flexible hours, on-site childcare, or innovative policies, your dedication to work-life balance sets you apart. Apply now for the Family Friendly Business Award and showcase your commitment to nurturing professional success and children`s early education. Join the businesses that empower parents to thrive in every aspect of life.

🌐 Apply here:

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As parents, we`re architects of empathy and kind connections in our children`s lives. In shaping their essential social skills, we pave the path for lasting relationships. Lead by example, showcasing empathy and kindness in your interactions. Empower them through empathy-driven stories, discussing characters` understanding. Nurture active listening, a gateway to understanding and respecting others` feelings.

Help them explore emotions, strengthening self-awareness and empathy. Playdates foster cooperation and teamwork, while celebrating kindness and sharing reinforces these qualities. Problem-solving together teaches them to handle conflicts with empathy.

With these steps, we`re fostering connections that enrich lives. Together, let`s empower our children with social skills that forge meaningful bonds. 🌟🤝🌈
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🌟 Play is the secret ingredient to a child`s growth and development! 🧠🌱 Whether it`s building blocks, pretend play, or exploring nature, playtime offers endless opportunities for learning. It enhances cognitive, physical, and social skills, all while nurturing creativity and imagination.

So, let your little ones dive into the world of play, where they can learn, grow, and have fun!

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Happy Pride Month! Let`s celebrate the beautiful diversity that makes our world vibrant and inclusive. 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

In honor of Pride Month, we recommend these wonderful books that teach children about acceptance, love, and embracing who they are.

Check out the link below for a list of early literature options that promote inclusivity and diversity! 📚✨

Have you read any of these books with your child?

Share your favorites or any other recommendations in the comments below!

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Please welcome to Dr. Diana Santangelo, Director, Thrive by Five.

In addition to being a staunch advocate of youth success, prosperity, and equity, Diana is also an avid traveler and dog mom, and spends her free time exploring new countries with loved ones and believes that every day is a chance to learn something new.


Parenting isn`t just about teaching your children to do chores and helping them with their homework - it`s also about being a role model for lifelong learning!

Learning Doesn`t Start at School" highlights the importance of recognizing that a child`s education begins well before their first day of school. As parents, you play a critical role in fostering your child`s natural curiosity and love for learning from a young age.

Nurture your child`s thirst for knowledge from day one. Every experience, observation, and discovery outside of school helps lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Share with us how you’re inspiring your children to be curious learners!

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Marlene Green, a powerful force for social justice and community empowerment. Marlene is a passionate advocate for marginalized communities, working tirelessly to create a more just and equitable society. Her dedication to social justice is evident in her work as a community leader and organizer, fighting for the rights of those who are often overlooked and underrepresented. Marlene`s unwavering commitment to making a difference in the world is a powerful inspiration.
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By donating, you are giving to impactful, research-driven initiatives that are geared toward aiding young children, families, and communities in realizing their highest potential. Show your support now and donate!
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Affordable and accessible child care is critical to the stability of workforces across America. 65% of workers have had their work schedules affected by childcare challenges. This means that in order for businesses to function properly, they need to address this issue head-on. Additionally, investing in quality childcare has been shown to have long-term benefits for children and families alike. When businesses invest in quality childcare, they are not only supporting working families but also investing in the future workforce.
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Have questions about early childhood education or our work? Fill out the form or contact us. We’re here to support and guide you in creating a brighter future for every child in Tampa Bay.